Dating back many decades, lives were more peaceful and the environment was much cleaner. The thought of olden days is always filled with happiness, yet many parts of it have vanished from our memory. Being able to recall or experience how things were many decades ago shall provide us with the peacefulness plus contrasting excitement of seeing how our grandparents spent their lives in those days or even how we spent our lives when we were young. The OldenDays founder began to be interested in items of 50-100 years in the past when he was at the age of 10. The first two categories of items, Buddha amulets and coins, have been collected in large quantities during the past 25 years; and other categories around 15 years. From accumulated experience, the founder could tell the genuine from the fabricated, and this has become the core strategy of his collection; that is, to screen just for original items. Nowadays his collection ranges 7 broad categories of multicultural original vintage items; namely, Buddha amulets, commemorative coins, consumer products and services, furniture, literatures, toys, and other miscellaneous items. It is the founder's great pleasure to have an opportunity to preserve treasures of the olden days, some of which are shown here for persons who love to gain the happiness in viewing and recalling the past, sharing their information with others, and enlarging their knowledge pool based on our study and research.